Thursday, October 28, 2010

(43-93) Kelsie's Pledge

The other day, Kelsie came home from school with a coupon book of tasks that she needed to complete, at her own pace.  Each time she demonstrates the skill on the coupon, she can return it to her teacher and chose a prize from the treasure box.
Most of the challenges are things that Kelsie already knows; so being Kelsie, she's anxious to hand the coupons in.  She quickly completed "write down your birthday," "write your first and last name with proper capitalization and line placement," "write your phone number and address," "identify the following shapes: circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, hexagon, trapezoid, parallelogram;" and "tie your shoes."

Yesterday morning Kelsie wanted to attempt the Pledge of Allegiance coupon, but when she recited it; she left out a couple of "ands," and I can't even tell you what word she uttered instead of republic.  I corrected Kelsie and she said "well, that's how we say it."  OK!  I explained that they may say it that way; but they're saying it wrong.  She practiced saying republic; and left for school without the coupon.

Last night Kelsie asked if she could try the pledge again; and I listened attentively, as she clearly said "and to the republic for witches stands;"  and then I LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I was thoroughly amused and I asked if she really thought that the pledge was about witches and she loudly replied "I don't know!"   We reviewed the pledge, why we say it and what it means; and I assured her that there are no witches mentioned.  Do you think she's anxious for Halloween or what?

What can I say; Kelsie is a hoot.  Like tonight, at dinner, we were having a conversation that ultimately lead to the topic of my cousin's wedding and Nicky mentioned that he had gotten his first yarmulke there and somehow or other this prompted Kelsie to make a comment about being Jewish.  Luis asked Kelsie "Are you Jewish?"  And she said "Yes."  Luis reminded her that she's a lot of different things; Jewish, Mexican, German, Russian, Polish and Kelsie added "a New Yorker."  Luis and I both did a double take and informed Kelsie that she was not a New Yorker; but she explained that if I was a New Yorker, so was she.  I deduced that she believes that since Luis is from Mexico and we tell her that she's Mexican; since I'm from New York, she thinks that she's a New Yorker.  We made a couple of attempts to convince her that she's not a New Yorker; but I still don't think that she believes us.

Kids minds are just amazing, and their thought processes are fascinating.  How blessed are we who have children in our lives.  Whether natural born, adopted, or step.  To have a conversation with a child; has got to put a smile on your face.
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Joni Parker said...

I love that you shared this!! I LOVE having conversations with my son, Joseph. I jot the things he says down and scrapbook them when I can. I know I miss a lot, but I've captured quite a few! I know those innocent days will soon be over, so I want to remember and also be able to show him (and his wife & kids) later!!