Friday, October 1, 2010

(43-66) He's Still The ONE!

Since Luis and I had such a short courtship before getting married; we wanted to make sure that we had a solid marriage before we started having children. When we got pregnant with Nicky, we had planned to have Luis' youngest sister, Erica come to live with us to help take care of Nicky while we worked; but the U.S. government advised me that I couldn't bring her over to be our nanny, as there were enough qualified, Americans who could do the job. Instead of looking for alternate childcare, Luis and I chose to work opposite schedules so that WE could care for Nicky, and subsequently Lyndzi and Kelsie as well.

For 8 years, Luis and I worked opposite shifts. Monday through Wednesday, I'd met him at my office at 315; then he'd take the kids home and I worked till 830pm or so. On Thursday and Friday when Luis was off, I'd work 12 hours per day to make up for my shorter days; and then Luis would work on Saturday and Sunday. This schedule didn't afford us much time together; and the only way we could have a full day off together was if one (or both) of us, took a vacation or sick day.

In the summer of 2007, in preparation for having 2 school aged children,  I requested to work from home; and my employers agreed.  The schedule was to remain the same in as much as on Luis' day's off I was expected to go into my office; but in the fall of 2007 when Luis got very ill; my employers were amazingly, cooperative and allowed me to remain at home all week, as Luis couldn't be left alone. As Luis recovered, it became evident that it really wasn't necessary for me to go into the office on both Thursday AND Friday; and my boss agreed that I could come in on Friday only. With this new schedule in place, Luis was able to change his schedule to have Friday's and Saturday's off; which then gave our family an entire day together; which was delightful.

In October of 2009 my employer informed me (and several others;) that we were going to need to cut back our hours from 40 to 32 per week; and since this was a hardship; they allowed us to choose which day we wanted to take off without pay; and I chose Friday.

As much as it's been a challenge to make do without the additional pay, I have to say that I think the time is has afforded Luis and I to spend alone together, has been priceless. On Friday mornings I get the kids off to school and then we have 7 hours to enjoy each other's company; to be a couple, and to focus on each other.

Earlier this week I was looking for the documents that I wrote about misinterpreting in "So HAPPY To Be Wrong;" and I came across all kinds of old pictures. Some of me, when I was just a couple of years old; and some early pictures of Luis and I; like the one pictured above. When I first looked at the pictures, I was struck by how young Luis had looked when we'd met; and although I thought that he was HOT STUFF then; I can honestly say that my man has aged well!  Even though I'm not a wine drinker; I do know that fine, wine improves with age and I can say that Luis has too.  Luis has become more handsome with each passing year and he never ceases to amaze me.

I sat across the table from Luis today, feeling so fortunate that HE is my husband; because not only is he smart and compassionate and funny; but I still find him unbelievably attractive. Despite the pounds that we've both put on, regardless of the grey hair and age lines; we still seem to be more in love and in tune with each other, than ever.

Luis and I had fallen in love at first sight; and sixteen years later; we're still smitten. There is no other that I would choose to share my life with, my strife with, my love with. We come from such extremely different places and upbringings that we compliment each other nicely and yet in the most important ways, we are very much alike. We have three extraordinary, children who seem to be the very best of what we are; and I relish the time that we get to spend alone to reminisce and plan and revel.

It's just like I wrote in "My Something Special;" "Luis and I have a love that's beyond compare." That's not to say that it's perfect;  because nothing is - but I can proudly say that he's still the ONE; and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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great LOVE story.
i want to buy the screen rights.
Eric Estrada will play Lou.