Sunday, October 31, 2010

(43-96) Happy Halloween!

I think that fall just may be my favorite season.  The weather in Phoenix is perfect in Autumn. I've forever been a big fan of Halloween.  And as someone who is always willing to express gratitude and give thanks; having an entire day to celebrate being thankful has my name ALL OVER IT; not to mention the Thanksgiving meal!

Growing up in the condos, Halloween was a treasure trove for trick or treaters because there were so many homes there.  I remember my mom having to buy copious amounts of candy, so that she would be fully stocked for all the kids that would stop by; (even those who didn't actually live in the condos.)  Trick or Treating in the condos could have been an Olympic event because it was one that required great strength and endurance.  There were 3 sections and 2 different sides of the condos.  The first section, you would just walk right up to the door; but the second section had stairs that you would have to climb in order to get to the person's door; so yes, given the number of homes in the condo, you needed great endurance to climb up and back down each time you wanted a piece of candy.  My favorite home in the second section belonged to a compassionate and innovative individual who used card board alongside of his banister to make a candy shoot.  This kind man would sit at the top of his stairs and instead of having to walk up the stairs, all you'd have to do was put your open bag at the end of the banister, and he'd shoot a piece of candy down to you.  AAHHH, what relief!  If this was one of those crazy Budweiser commercials; I'd actually salute this guy. (Announcer's voice)   "Here's to you considerate, innovative candy giver!"  "Mr. considerate, innovative candy giverrrrr"  "Sits at the top of the stairs so kids don't have to exhaust themselves for candyyyy."  "Mr. considerate, innovative candy give - errrrr..."

I've covered the endurance portion of the Olympics; so let me explain the strength.  Imagine, if you will; how strong a young child would have to be in order to lug the stash from a 500 home development.  Thinking back, I remember the bags getting so heavy; but I suppose it was the promise of what was in them that helped us make it home, bag in tact. 

I have some fantastic memories of growing up in the condos; and many of them were from Halloweens gone by; so I always strive to make Halloween memorable for my kids as well.  Since our development isn't a Hot bed of
Halloween activity; we went out to Surprise, so that the kids could trick or treat with Jenny and David's family.  We've trick or treated with them a number of times before and the kids always have a terrific time; so we decided to take them up on the offer to come out for Halloween.

Kelsie was the first of my kids to get her costume.  She decided to be a fairy; and I must say that I'm very proud of her because at school the Kindergartners and first graders were told that they could dress up, but only if they were a character form a book and they did a book report on it.  Kelsie has been reading these chapter books about fairies, and had one from the library that worked perfectly with her costume.  I volunteered in Kelsie's classroom twice on Friday and I was truly impressed with how many children had done the book report and matched their costumes.

After much deliberation; Nicky decided to be Luigi (from Super Mario Bros.) which by the way, they pronounce Mario bros (exactly how it's written; and not Mario Brothers;) and this cracks me up.  Lyndzi had originally wanted to be a pirate, but once Nicky decided to be Luigi; she chose to go as Mario.  Despite the uncomfortable, over sized mustaches, (which they didn't keep on long;) they loved they're costumes and they got quite a nice reception. People seemed especially tickled to see Lyndzi dressed as Mario; and I think they both looked like SUPER, Mario Bros.

It was an Amazing, Autumn, Arizona, night.  It wasn't too warm and it certainly wasn't too cold.  The kids got an ample amount of candy, BUT they will be giving most of it to my dentist; who will give them gift certificates for a free meal at Red Robin in exchange; and send the candy off to our troops.

I love the excitement of Halloween and the time that we spend together as a family.  I want to remember each and every minute and savor the sweetness. 
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

The kids look fabulous!! Fun reading about the Condos and love your Budweiser commercial idea...I could hear it as I read it!!